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Pressure water-tight connection of cable conduits:



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The laying of cables and other media lines in cable conduits is indispensable. In addition to the mechanical protection of the cables, this installation method allows additional cables to be placed after the pipeline route has been backfilled.
With our MASTERTEC Connector family, we offer a professional solution for the connection of the common cable conduit dimensions to core drill holes and lining pipes.


The MASTERTEC Connector has been designed for corrugated cable conduits with outer diameters of
75, 90 and 110 mm.
Based on an application test, the transition has been certified a pressure watertightness of up to
1 bar (10 m water column) by MFPA Leipzig.

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Installation of MASTERTEC Connector

The connection seal is positioned in the core drill hole/lining pipe, ...

... completely hammered in with a rubber mallet, ...

... the clamp is placed over the connection seal and the connection pipe pushed in as far as it will go, ...

... the clamp is hand-tightened with a ring spanner, ...

... the cable conduit is connected to the core drill hole or the lining pipe and is pressure water-tight.

After installation, the media lines can be led into the building through the cable conduit. Our MASTER-RING Multi range offers suitable sealing solutions for the transition from the medium pipes to the core drill hole / lining pipe:




Gasket inserts with “onion ring” technology for one medium pipe

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MASTER-RING Multi Multiple



Gasket inserts with “onion ring” technology for several medium pipes

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