MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140)


The active joint tape MMF 140 (tested by MPA Braun-schweig) combines the passive waterproofing action of a joint tape by means of the labyrinth principle with active waterproofing by an integrated swelling tape at the base of the joint tape.

MASTER-MultiFlex MMF 140

This functional principle saves time-consuming formwork for upstands or reinforcement adjustments in the first concreting section, as is necessary for half-sided integration with standard joint tapes. An embedment depth of 30 mm in the first concreting section is sufficient and with this the tightness up to a water pressure of 4.5 bar has been proven by the building authorities.




MMF 140 is placed onto the upper reinforcement in the centre of the rising wall and fixed with the mounting brackets supplied at a distance of max. 0.5 m.



MMF 140 can be cut to length with a cutter.


Corner formations of all common geometries can be executed without any problems due to the material properties.




In the bonding area the profile is overlapped 15 cm and welded using a hot air gun.



An alternative – and even easier – bonding option is a screwed clamping connection using the MMF 140 MASTER-Connect “active“.





The mounting brackets used to fix the MMF 140 secure the joint tape in position during concreting in a buoyancy-proof manner. The material properties prevent the MMF 140 from buckling. The white dimension line applied on both sides (3 cm above the base point) enables a visual check of the embedment depth.

The advantages at a glance

  • Combination of active and passive waterproofing

  • No upstand or reinforcement adjustment

  • 3 cm embedment depth is sufficient

  • Water pressure-tight up to 4.5 bar

  • Simple corner formation (no moulded parts)

  • Easy to cut to length

  • Installation independent of weather conditions
    (swelling tape protected from moisture)

  • Overlap welding – no shape welding

  • Visual control of the embedment depth

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