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January 2021

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Wall bushings and penetrations


A major topic in the precast plant and on the construction site

With our simple and efficient systems, designed for the construction site and the precast plant, you can seal every pipe and cable in a pressure water-tight manner.
Single or multiple system – we offer the right solution.

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Single systems


Masterstop SK
Montage Masterstop SK

MASTERSTOP SK is a self-adhesive bentonite swelling tape which expands on contact with water. The easy-to-use swelling tape is the standard waterproofing product for the precast plant and the
construction site.

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Pipe bushing systems  
Double socket type Novo

Double socket type Novo

The Novo double socket pipe bushings are delivered as solid wall version and for the corresponding wall thickness.
The Novo components are the only monolithic double sockets with water barriers in Europe. They provide maximum security.

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Sealing collars

RONDO Protect and RONDO Standard

RONDO Protect sealing collar          RONDO Standard sealing collar


In addition to the green RONDO Standard sealing collar we are producing the red type RONDO Protect. The red type stands for a water pressure resistance of 10 bar as well as very high resistance to many media.
In accordance with the General Technical Approval (AbZ) the RONDO Protect is suitable for slurry/liquid manure/silage effluent systems and biogas systems.

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Multiple systems –

Lining pipes sealed with gasket inserts or modular seals


Lining pipes

For subsequent, professional introduction of pipes and cables.
FASO, WELLO, DURO and STEELO are installed throughout Europe wherever it is necessary to block out water.

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MASTER-RING gasket inserts and MASTER-SEAL modular seals are designed for use in core drill holes or lining pipes, where they ensure safe and permanent waterproofing of medium pipes and cables against pressurised and non-pressurised water.

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Keep an eye on steel prices


Since March 2020 raw material prices for steel and stainless steel production have risen dramatically.

Note steel

Since some steel types are no longer produced in Europe, they need to be imported. The freight costs of € 6000 and more per 40 ft container have also contributed to a sharp increase in price.

You are welcome to contact us for current prices for all heavily commodity based products such as lightning conductors, small coils and rib laths.

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