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Waterproofing of formwork tie points

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Distance tube, formwork spreader, tie point etc. – the names for formwork tie points are as manifold as the damage symptoms which may arise in concrete construction with this detail.
With our range of waterproofing products for formwork tie points we offer pressure water-tight solutions for the transition between concrete and formwork tie point as well as their inner sealing.

Sealing of transition between concrete and formwork tie point


The ActiveRings mini and maxi are made of a highly swellable TPE mixture. When the rings come into contact with water, they activate, swell up and reliably stop the flow of water.

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RONDO MINI sealing collars

RONDO MINI sealing collars can be mounted onto plastic or fibre cement distance tubes quickly and easily at the construction site.

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Inner seals for tie points


STOPPER sealing plugs enable pressure-tight sealing of all fibre cement and plastic distance tubes ID 22 and 26 mm.

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Screwed inner seals for pressure water and gas-tight sealing of formwork tie points.

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Single-component polymer-based concrete adhesive


For water-impermeable bonding of fibre cement distance tubes.

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Solvent-free epoxy-based concrete adhesive


For water-impermeable bonding and non-positive connection of concrete components.

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Waterproofing of
formwork tie points


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